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World Nuclear Transport Institute

Intergovernmental Organisations

CCNR - Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine
The CCNR ensures the security of navigation, works towards a consistent regime for the Rhine and promotes the prosperity of Rhine navigation.

EACA - European Association of Competent Authorities

The EACA was set up by the UK and France in 2008 to share the benefits of the experience gained with their bilateral agreements which is open to all other European Competent Authorities / transport safety regulators for radioactive material. The Association will develop a common or harmonised approach for the interpretation of the regulations for the transport of radioactive material in Europe.

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO is the United Nations specialised agency which regulates air navigation.

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
The IAEA is an independent intergovernmental organisation within the United Nations System. It is responsible for the peaceful uses of atomic energy. It developed nuclear safety standards and based on these standards, promotes the achievement and maintenance of high levels of safety in applications of nuclear energy, as well as the protection of human health and the environment against ionizing radiation.

IMO - International Maritime Organization
The IMO is the United Nations specialised agency responsible for improving safety and preventing pollution from ships.

UN/ECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
A commission set up by ECOSOC to study the economic problems of different regions and to recommend concerted and co-operative approaches by the countries concerned. Its main purpose is to harmonise the policies and practices of its Member countries. Such harmonisation facilitates economic exchange investment and the integration of transport networks.

UPU- Universal Postal Union
The UPU aims "to develop communication between peoples by the efficient operation of the postal services, and contributes to the attainment of the aims of international collaboration in the cultural, social and economics fields".

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