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World Nuclear Transport Institute

Industrial Organisations

American Nuclear Society
A not for profit international scientific and educational organisation, which works to unify professional activities within the diverse fields of nuclear science and technology.

Nuclear Industry Association
The Nuclear Industry Association (formerly British Nuclear Industry Forum) is the trade association and information body for the British civil nuclear industry.

Canadian Nuclear Association
The CNA is a non-profit voluntary membership body promoting the orderly and sound development of nuclear energy in Canada and abroad for peaceful purposes.

European Nuclear Society
Promotes and contributes to the advancement of science and engineering in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy by all suitable means.

The association of European Atomic Fora and represents the European Nuclear Industry before the institution of the EU.

French Society for Nuclear Energy
Established as a learned scientific society which provides information on the civil nuclear programme in France.

IATA - International Air Transport Association
Trade association for the worlds airline industry.

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
Represents industry to government and the public, acting as a forum for the industry, international co-operation, information and training.

Nuclear Energy Institute
A US based industrial Organisation representing the interests of the American Nuclear Industry.

Swiss Nuclear Forum
Forum which provides information on the civil nuclear programme in Switzerland.

World Nuclear Association
International industrial association for energy from nuclear fuel.

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