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Radioactive Materials Transport - Industry Experience
The movement of these products takes place within a carefully regulated environment, with international oversight of transport regulations, package testing and certification.
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Transport - The IAEA Regulations and their Relevance to Severe Accidents
The design and performance standards for packages used for the transport of radioactive material, including nuclear fuel cycle material, are defined in the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, in order to ensure safety under both normal, and even accident conditions of transport for the more highly radioactive materials.
Uranium Concentrates Industry Best Practice for avoiding contamination of Packages and Shipping Containers in Multimodal Transports
This guideline document addresses the issues associated with managing contamination of Packages and Shipping Containers in Multimodal Transports.
Radioactive Materials Transport The International Safety Regime - An Overview of Safety Regulations and the Organisations Responsible for their Development
The IAEA has published and periodically reviewed and updated the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material. These Regulations are used today by a majority of countries as the basis for their national regulations.
Radiation Dose Assessment for the Transport of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Materials
This study makes an assessment of the likely doses to various types of worker in nuclear fuel cycle transport operations and also to members of the public based mainly on the extensive experience of actual operations.
WNTI Glossary
An alphabetical list of important words and terms used in the radioactive material transport industry.
New Fissile Exception Provisions in the IAEA Transport Regulations (SSR-6)
The provisions of fissile exception have been in the IAEA Transport Regulations since the first edition in 1961. A major change has been made to the requirements for fissile-exceptions in the latest edition of the IAEA transport regulations (SSR-6). This publication provides the view of the WNTI Members on these requirements.

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