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World Nuclear Transport Institute

Good Practice Guides

WNTI Transport Principles
Good practices in the field of safety and security for organisations involved in the transport of radioactive material.
Radiation Protection Programmes for Road Carriers, Sea Carriers and Port Handlers
This good practice guide is designed to offer practical advice based on industry experience for those companies who may be concerned about the implementation of a Radiation Protection Programme (RPP) on their business.
Electronic Tracking for the Transport of Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials - Revision 1.0 - A WINS/WNTI International Best Practice Guide
The purpose of this Guide is to understand the potential merits, challenges, viability and cost-effectiveness of electronic tracking systems.
WNTI Best Practice for Checking Shipping Containers Prior to Loading Drums of UOC and Before Dispatch
This guidance document introduces and describes the checking of shipping containers from the Consignor producer’s facility to the Consignee receiver’s facility.
Nuclear Transport Security - Revision 1 - A WNTI/WINS International Good Practice Guide
This guide provides information on suggested ways industry may review their security requirements. It should be considered in supporting the IAEA INFCIRC 225 Implementation Guide based on industry experience.
Communicating Radioactive Materials Transport
This guide describes the context that communicators face when communicating their operations and may be used to assist in the drafting of a communications strategy.
Generic UOC Safety Data Sheet 2018
Generic UOC safety data sheet covering everything from handling and storage, ecological information, first aid and transport, to name a few.
Good Practice Guide for The Installation of Socket Head Plugs in UF6 Cylinders
This Industry good practice guide provides valuable information to achieve successful installation of socket head plugs in new, as well as, in-service cylinders.
Transport of UN 3507 By Air 2018
From 1st January 2017, samples of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) in excepted packages transported under the UN number UN 3507 are classified in Class 6.1, with subsidiary risks of Class 8 and Class 7. The scope of this good practice guide is to facilitate the understanding of the regulations associated with the transport of UF6 under this new UN number and to harmonise the implementation of the new rules. home
Good Practice for the Securing of Drums of Uranium Ore Concentrate in 20’ ISO Containers
This guide is intended to provide some methods for loading drums inside ISO containers for shipment by rail, road and sea. Loading of uranium concentrate must conform to the regulations of the agency of authority of the countries within which the shipment moves.

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