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World Nuclear Transport Institute

How WNTI is organised

The WNTI is a global industrial organisation for all segments of radioactive materials transport. The WNTI is the only body dedicated to presenting the industry point of view on radioactive materials transport matters from an international perspective. 

WNTI is the trade name of World Nuclear Transport Limited, a company limited by guarantee and governed under English Law. WNTI has three membership categories - Full Member, Associate Member and Support Members. Full Members are those prepared to make a substantial commitment and be actively involved in the Institute's development. Associate Members have access to information produced by WNTI and may be consulted in defining common positions and Support Members are smaller companies with lesser involvement in nuclear transport activities but play an important role in the overall supply chain. They will have access to information produced by the WNTI and are welcomed to participate in the WNTI plenary Members Meetings and Seminars.

The Board of Directors, drawn from Ordinary Members, currently comprises six Directors and meets biannually. The WNTI headquarters, based in London, is headed by the Secretary General. WNTI has regional offices in Tokyo and Washington and a regional representative in Southern Africa. The Secretariat in London has a small staff including Specialist Advisors on secondment from International Nuclear Services (INS), AREVA and the FEPC, a Company Secretary/Finance and Operations Manager, a Communications Executive/Graphic Designer, a Membership Secretary and a Secretary & Finance Assistant.

Operating successfully as a network organisation, WNTI has a small team of qualified professionals working closely with its members and international bodies dealing with the safe transport of radioactive materials.


The WNTI will maintain, on behalf of, and with its Members, its strong engagement for promoting the safety and security standards and practices applied to the international transport of radioactive materials. This main priority goes first through a strong cooperation and partnership with the key UN bodies involved in the establishment of the regulatory framework for the transport of the radioactive materials IAEA, IMO, ICAO and the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods notably.

Important areas of work, such as safety, security, emergency response and good practices will require the feedback of Industry experience and lessons learnt in order we identify and promote the safest and most efficient ways to operate our transport activities.

At the time when more and more countries will transport internationally radioactive materials, it is important that the WNTI's reputation as the leading voice of the radioactive transport industry be recognised even more globally and that the WNTI's membership reflects this diversity.

WNTI's membership will remain the working and progressing force to fulfil these goals. Several WNTI industry-led working groups will carry on forming the necessary views for guaranteeing the safe and secure future of the transports. 

WNTI Headquarters

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