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WNTI May 2018 Semi Annual Members Meeting Takes Place in London

The WNTI Semi Annual Member Meetings (SAMM) connect likeminded nuclear organisations, to discuss common issues affecting their industry. The schedule is arranged around five Working Groups, where industry experts have the opportunity to provide information and insights, which enable companies to operate more efficiently in the nuclear transport supply chain. The SAMM also offers opportunities to network and form strong and collaborative connections, through the exclusivity of our members-only events.

Members travelled to London this May, to partake in the first Semi Annual Members Meeting (SAMM) of 2018. 

HEX-T, Back End Transport, Uranium Concentrates, Transport Security and SSR-6 Working Groups convened to review current Good Practice regulations and techniques, with many opportunities to share experiences, issues and other events our members have experienced, during the past 6 months.

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