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What does Brexit mean for the Nuclear Transport Industry?

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The latest information from the BBC can be found via the following link:


The latest information from the Department for Exiting the European Union can be found here:


Information from the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy can be found here:

Shipping radioactive waste and spent fuel after a no-deal Brexit


Euratom exit: quarterly update, October to December 2018

Report To Parliament On the Government's Progress on the UK'S exit from the Euratom Treaty


The Freight Transport Association


No deal Brexit contingency measures on road haulage - FTA advises members to apply for ECMT permits
On 19 December, the European Commission adopted a proposal for temporary no-deal contingency measures for road haulage. 
Should it be adopted, the proposal would grant UK haulage operators access to the EU market for certain types of transport operations without permits, provided that the UK reciprocates and grants "equivalent" rights to EU hauliers.
However, strong caveats apply:

•    Cabotage in EU countries would not be allowed; 
•    Cross-trade would not be allowed, i.e. UK hauliers would not be allowed to carry out transport operations between 2 EU countries but only operations to or from the UK; 

•    The measure would be temporary (until the end of December 2019); 

•    UK operators would still be bound by a number of EU rules (including drivers' hours rules, tachographs requirements, working time directive, minimum wage requirements, competition rules, etc.) and the EU would be free to curtail, suspend or revoke access rights  at any time should it consider that the "equivalent rights" or level playing field conditions are no longer met; 

•    The proposal also forbids Member States to negotiate bilateral agreements with the UK; 

•    The proposal still needs to be discussed and adopted by the European Parliament and the 27 Member States, and could still be amended or derailed.  

Therefore, FTA still advises haulage companies to apply for ECMT permits [] for next year.  The application time-window is supposed to end on Friday, 21 December 2018.
However, the FTA expects Government to extend it until January -details to be confirmed. Official guidance on ECMT permits applications is available here []  and additional information was provided in FTA e-news and in previous editions of our Brexit Digest.
For further information, please contact Sarah Laouadi
If you would like further Brexit information, please visit the following link: 

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