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Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS) and WNTI Share Best Practices in China

Like WNTI, the Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS) is a not-for-profit organisation, with their focus being to represent individuals and companies contributing to and supporting nuclear science, nuclear technology and nuclear engineering in China.

CNS was established in 1980 with an objective to promote the advancement and peaceful use of nuclear science and technology, undertake scientific and technical exchange, engage in public communication and enhance international cooperation.

The Society commits to carrying out conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and producing publications and materials for the public. They facilitate visits to and from other overseas partners, as well as policy suggestions to government authorities.

On November 12th, 2019 John Mulkern, WNTI Secretary General met with Zhi Wang, Deputy Secretary-General of CNS. This meeting provided an opportunity for WNTI and CNS to reiterate and strengthen the co operations that have previously been established between the two organisations.

Bringing international and national representatives together created the opportunity to share best practices and examine how different bodies interpreted international and national regulations. 

During the meeting, it was agreed that WNTI and CNS should continue to partner on events that promote the nuclear transport industry and provide an opportunity for those organisations involved in these transports to discuss the continued safe, secure and efficient transportation of nuclear materials.

Following on from the successful workshops WNTI arranged in both Shanghai (2013) and in Beijing (2015 and 2017) it was considered to be of value, to current and potential WNTI members, to hold a 4th Seminar. 

In cooperation with CNS, the 'WNTI CNS Transport Seminar on the Regional Transports of Radioactive Materials and International Lessons Learnt' took place on the 13th November 2019 in Beijing. 

The seminar focussed on international and national regulations for the maritime, road and rail transport and port infrastructure sectors in China. In addition, there were many updates from the international companies attending. 

The seminar explained the lessons learnt from both national and international shipments from international companies with track records in such transports. The seminar also brought together major international stakeholders including China national competent authorities and industry representatives committed to the safe, efficient and reliable transport of radioactive materials including packaging. 

This included the International Atomic Energy Agency Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (SSR-6), the International Maritime Organization Dangerous Goods Code for maritime shipments and also those for inland land transports.

Our sincere thanks go to our international partners CNS and to Steven Shi, WNTI China Representative, for coordinating this event, with Amy Northage. 

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