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World Nuclear Transport Institute

DAHER-NCS (Nuclear Cargo & Service GmbH)

Worldwide logistics around the entire nuclear circuit for fuel manufacturers, reactor operators and waste disposal companies with our own transport equipment and intermediate storage.

In the Front-End field, DAHER-NCS transports yellow cake from the mines to the conversion facilities, natural uranium in the form of uranium hexafluoride to the enrichment plants, enriched uranium or uranium from reprocessing to the fuel element manufacturers and fuel elements to the individual reactors. These transport movements are international, as the largest mines are located e.g. in Kazakhstan or Canada, conversion facilities in France, Canada and the USA, enrichment plants in Germany, the Netherlands, England or Russia and fuel element manufacturers in Germany, Sweden or France. The delivery of fuel elements is carried out globally, e.g. to China, South Africa and Europe. For the transport movements, DAHER-NCS uses all available carriers; road, rail, deep sea shipping, inland waterways and air.

In the Back-End field, DAHER-NCS carries out the global transport of spent fuel elements from research reactors. As an example, in 2010, within the scope of a fuel return programme, spent fuel elements from the GKSS research reactor were transported to the USA. Another main focus is on the transport of radioactive waste. Here, the spectrum ranges from operating the annual HAW transport movements from the AREVA Nuclear Reprocessing Plant in La Hague to Gorleben, through to the transport of lightly active conditioned waste for the Konrad final storage facility.

In the field of major component disposal, DAHER-NCS transports contaminated reactor pressure vessels and steam generators by road, rail, inland waterways and deep sea shipping from nuclear power stations to decontamination plants. Furthermore, DAHER-NCS is the only company in Germany which is authorised to transport MOX, plutonium and highly enriched uranium.
For the storage of radioactive materials, including radioactive waste, DAHER-NCS operates its own storage depots, in which around 1,250 Konrad containers and other packaging types are presently stored.

The particular strengths of DAHER-NCS lie in the experience of its staff, its technical equipment and its global transport links. The staff concerned in the planning and operation of radioactive transport movements has decades of experience in this field. The procurement of permits, approvals and validations in all the countries concerned in the transport movements is daily practice.

For the planning and operation of the transport movements, DAHER-NCS possesses a worldwide connected network of branches and offices. DAHER-NCS’s technical equipment consists of both its own comprehensive fleet of vehicles for transport by road and rail and a large number of containers for radioactive materials. The road transport fleet consists of articulated lorries and trailers, heavy duty tractor units and heavy freight trailers for loads weighing up to 500 Mg and also armoured security vehicles for category I transport movements. The rail transport fleet comprises the entire range for loads weighing up to ca. 500 Mg.

DAHER-NCS’s container fleet consists partially of its own developments such as the recently commissioned NCS 45 containers for the transport of spent fuel rods with a transport weight of 22.5 Mg or the BU-D containers commissioned in 1990 for the transport of powdered uranium oxide. On the basis of the comprehensive experience of DAHER-NCS’s technical department, these developments take place completely in-house and corresponding services are offered to customers. The servicing of containers, and technical assistance with the loading of certain containers complete the spectrum offered by the technical department.


Package Design/Manufacture of Excepted Package

Excepted package: Yes
Industrial package: Yes
Type A package : Yes
Type B package: Yes
Type C package: No
Conveyance, related equipments: Yes

Transportation of accepted packages

Excepted package: Yes
Industrial package: Yes
Type A package: Yes
Type B package: Yes
Type C package: No

Offered Services

  • Logistics/Trading
  • Consultancy
  • Transport of Excepted Package
  • Storage and Disposal
  • Insurance
  • Transport by Land
  • Transport by Sea
  • Transport by Air
  • Land

Regional Presence

World region Countries
- Africa
- Cairo (Egypt)

Asia and Pacific
- Almaty (Kazakhstan)
- Bejing, Shanghai (China)

Europe and CIS
- Berlin, Hagen,
- Düren (Germany)
- Amsterdam (Netherlands)
- Budapest (Hungary)
- Pierrelatte (France)
- St. Petersburg (Russia)

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RepresentativeVice President, Unirradiated Nuclear Fuel Mr. Stefan Dirsch
ContactVice President, Design and Technology Mr. Franz Hilbert Managing directors Horst Geiger Klaus Schymke

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